The prizes will be awarded during the "V NOITE DA ENERXIA" that will take place in A Coruña on April 13. 

The jury of the Prizes Galicia Energy 2017, of the Illustrious Engineers College of Galicia, rewards  FAEPAC with the prize to the best action on awareness and dissemination in energy matters: Campaña de sensibilización en materia de aforro e eficiencia enerxética nos concellos da Provincia de A Coruña, presented by the Foundation Energy Agency of  A Coruña Province  (FAEPAC). This campaign aimed at the inhabitants of the province, is focused in fighting against energetic poverty, with different actions like providing free of charge advice to all citizens above electrical invoice and diffusion among the population of current topics like social tariffs,  habits of energy consumption that contribute to reduce the cost of the energy consumed by  families.
This award recognizes the commitment of  FAEPAC in energy knoledge dissemination and the fight against energy poverty. This award encourages us to follow with the activities that are recognized to achieve a more sustainable Coruña. 
We appreciate the ICOIG for awarding the prize, as well as to FAEPAC's Patronage by the support and trust on FAEPAC.

Written by admin. 06-03-2018