Informative meeting about the electric bill and request of the electric social bond in FUCOBUXÁN

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On June 5 at 7:00 pm there was a talk about the electricity bill and the request for the electric social bond in the facilities of the cultural association FUCO BUXÁN in Ferrol.

The meeting was organized by the association FUCO BUXÁN, ADICAE (responsible and supportive critical consumers) and FAEPAC.

During de talk, FAEPAC explained the different terms of the electricity bill, the types of tariffs, contracts, ... as well as savings possibilities in contracting the supply. 

FAEPAC dedicated the second part of the talk to explain the social social bond, its application and the conditions and requirements necessary to be a beneficiary of it.

The day was of great interest to the attendees who actively participated in the exposition of their doubts, complaints and opinions on the conditions of contracting the electricity supply.

Written by maite. 18-06-2019
Servizo de Asesoría Enerxética