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The foundation agency Energetic Provincial of A Coruña FAEPAC, constitutes on 10 May 2006 like a non-profit institution, administrative and legally independent and autonomous.According to the order of 28 July 2006 It classifies as of industrial interest, assigning in the ministry of Innovation and Industry, That it will have to exert the protectorate on her and on 15 September of 2006 declares of Galician interest and orders his registration in the Register of Foundations of Galician Interest.
The Provincial Energetic agency of A Coruña forms part of a transnational consortium with three agencies of the European energy to carry out the project Intelligent Energy for Europe IEE where the Provincial Deputation of A Coruña led the birth and acts like coordinator of the agencies in front of the European Commission during the three first years:
Popovo (Bulgary)
Podkarpacka Agencja Energetyczna (Poland)
Etela-Pohjanmaan Energiatoimisto (Finland)
The geographic field in which the FAEPAC manages his performances to the territory of the province of A Coruña.

icono formacionOBJECTIVES

The Foundation has like main end the improvement and the aprovechamiento of the provincial energetic resources, as well as the sensitisation of the local authorities, the companies and the citizens on the shortage of energetic resources.
Besides, has the following ends:
- Incite the diffusion of the rational use of the energy, of the energetic resources venues and of the renewable sources in the sectors of production of goods and services (SMEs and Industry), in collaboration with the INEGA and the public administration.
- Supporting the diversification, information and optimum utilisation of the renewable energies.
- Improve the energetic security.
- Promote and keep the energetic saving.
- Favour the integration of the energetic aims in the environmental sectors and in the productive sectors venues.
- Protect the half natural and reduce the impact of the pollution and the use of the technology.
- Reinforce and favour the technological investigation on the energy.


The patronage of the foundation is the upper organ of government. His members represent the following public identities and private:
The foundation will have two complementary organs: the Scientific Committee and the Committee of Supervision. His tasks are of support and advice to the patronage.
The president of the FAEPAC Mr. Valentín González Formoso, in the function of President of the Deputation of A Coruña.
The Vice-president of the FAEPAC Mrs. Goretti Sanmartín Rei.
The cadre of personnel with which explains the agency to manage his activities is formed by:


D. Jesús Castro Lozano


Dna. Eva Rios Silveira.

Technical department:

Dna. Mª Rosario Méndez Gil (Technician of Energetic Planning).

D. Jose Manuel Golpe Acuña (TTechnician in Renewable Energies).



The foundation, for the achievement of his ends, can realise the following activities:

-Realisation of studies of planning and programming to establish a plan of energetic performance to provincial level.
-Facilitate the information to the public on the energy in general and training on specific programs of optimisation and energetic rationalisation.
-Promote the activities of certification and energetic diagnosis in the buildings and the industries.
-Boost the participation of the local agents in destined performances to the rational use of energy.
-Boost the creation of local agencies of energy.
-Boost the saving of energy by means of the efficient exploitation of the resources and of the use of clean technologies.
-Promote the implantation of installations of renewable energy through the investigation and transfer of knowledges and experiences.
-Technological and economic advice in the design and realisation of studies and investments in installations and energetic infrastructure.
-Realisation of those complementary activities of the previous result required for his greater efficiency.

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